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One More Reason to Schedule Regular Dental Visits: Gum Disease Linked to Stomach Cancer

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If you need another reason to schedule the next appointment with your dentist in Arcadia, recent research shows that choosing to address periodontal disease reduces the risk of stomach cancer.Linking Systemic-Oral ConditionsPeriodontal disease is an inflammatory condition caused by infectious bacteria. Pre-cancerous lesions in the stomach are linked to an increased instance of Helicobacter pylori (h. pylori) commonly found in the esophagus and stomach.The amount and diversity of pathogens within the mouth are directly related to increased systemic conditions and cancer risk.Gum disease also increases the risk of conditions in nearly every system in the body.DiabetesHeart diseaseRheumatoid arthritisPancreatic and gallbladder cancerBreast cancerErectile dysfunction (due to decreased testosterone)Alzheimer’s diseaseLow birth weight ...

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Why You Should Consider Dental Sealants for Your Child

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Kids love sweet snacks and juice, both of which promote tooth decay. Decay, or dental caries, is the most common preventable childhood disease despite advancements in prevention and the introduction of fluoridation in drinking water. Fluoridation has reduced dental caries by about 20 percent, making it a big success, but has not eradicated it altogether. This is because so much depends on a good home hygiene routine and professional dental cleanings.Why do kids get cavities? Dental decay develops because bacteria reproduce quickly, generating an acidic byproduct, which deteriorates teeth enamel. Even if you brush and floss your child’s teeth, they may still be at risk. Teeth, especially molars, have deep ...

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Microorganisms and Their Role in Dental Decay

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The common thought about dental cavities is that they come from sugary treats. That’s only part of the story, however. A recent study identifies that a combination of bacteria and yeast cause greater instances of caries in kids.Caries, or dental decay, is one of the most common preventable childhood illnesses, and despite the introduction of fluoride into municipal water treatment plants, it’s still incredibly common. Most people will need at least one filling during their childhood.Both bacteria and yeast feed on sugar, but it’s not as simple as eliminating candy from the diet. Bagels, chips, and breakfast cereals are made of processed carbohydrates, which quickly convert to sugar during ...

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