Dr. Maria Kim, DDS
We treat you the way we want to be treated.
Dr. Maria Kim, DMD
We treat you the way we want to be treated.


Is Invisalign as Effective at Aligning Your Teeth as Traditional Braces?

Invisalign Dentist Arcadia CA | Clear Aligners

Both braces and Invisalign use similar methods to move teeth by applying pressure to gradually realign them. Braces require the use of brackets and an adjustable wire, while Invisalign uses a series of clear, plastic aligners that patients replace approximately every two weeks until the teeth have reached ideal alignment. 

As a result, Invisalign provides excellent results for our Arcadia, CA patients, similar to those achieved with traditional braces. Some complex orthodontic conditions, however, require the use of brackets and wires, especially in cases when teeth have not erupted fully and need to be coaxed from the gums.

To learn if your specific situation can benefit from Invisalign treatment, we recommend an ...

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At Home Care for all your Dental Needs

sonicare at home care supplies | arcadia ca dentist

Our office offers prescription strength fluoride, Breath Rx and AO Gel so our patients can receive in-house quality treatment at home. Whether it's bad breath, canker sores or dry mouth, ask us about our at-home treatment options today!

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What to Expect When You Opt for Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry | woman in dental chair

Sedation dentistry is a helpful option for our Arcadia patients who have anxiety about their dental visits or procedures. Sedation dentistry also provides a solution for patients who:

  • Have an uncontrolled gag reflex
  • Experience trouble getting or staying numb
  • Are fearful of experiencing pain
  • Would prefer to avoid dentistry
  • Are facing lengthy procedures

Stress-free dental appointments make it possible for patients to have their necessary procedures without procrastination because of anxiety.

Here is what you can expect with sedation dentistry.

You Will Have Little or No Memory of Your Procedure

As a side effect of sedation dentistry medication, many patients report having few memories of their experience. You will remain conscious and able to respond to Dr. Kim but ...

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