Dr. Maria Kim, DDS
We treat you the way we want to be treated.
Dr. Maria Kim, DMD
We treat you the way we want to be treated.


What Is the Difference between a Dental Bridge and Crown?

Many of us don’t have to worry about dental terminology until something goes wrong. So, many of the terms we use every day inside the dental office can seem unfamiliar. One of the most common questions we are presented with involves the difference between dental restorations and their purposes – like a crown and a dental bridge for example. Our Arcadia, CA dentist, Dr. Maria Kim, is here to demystify common dental terms so you can make an educated choice for your smile.

Dental Bridges to Fill the Space in Your Smile

A dental bridge actually requires one or two dental crowns to function properly. By placing crowns on two healthy adjacent ...

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Tongue Tied? You May Need Our New Biolase Laser!

Young girl covering mouth | Dentist Arcadia CA

Do you have a child who has trouble speaking, eating/breastfeeding or sleeping? Check under their tongue -- they may be tongue-tied! 

Tongue tie (otherwise known as ankyloglossia) is a condition where tissue restricts the tongue down to the floor of the mouth. This stops the tongue from moving normally and can lead to many side effects that may ultimately affect your child's development and self-esteem.

Tongue tie is usually found early in a child's life since it is present at birth and is easy to fix! A simple surgical procedure can release the tongue from the extra soft tissue holding it to the floor of the mouth. Our office uses Biolase

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When a Dental Implant Is a Better Choice Than a Bridge

Every person is unique and has different goals for their smiles, which is why we always present all of the options available and respect the choice you make for your smile. While some treatments are often considered ideal, especially when replacing missing teeth, you can find if dental implants are right for your smile by arranging an evaluation with your Arcadia, CA dentist.

Here are three instances when dental implants are a better choice than dental bridges.

You Want a Permanent Solution

While today’s dental restorations are more durable than ever, and some of them can last as long as 8-10 years, dental implants can last a lifetime with the proper care and ...

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Our patients are the best!

We love our patients! These are two thank you cards we received last week. We look forward to many more years of taking care of such wonderful patients. 

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Dry Lips? Not During Our Appointments!

Picture of Gold Bird Statue and Lip Balm | Dentist Arcadia CA

Are your lips dry after visiting the dentist? 

At our office, we have flavored lip balm complete with SPF 15 to keep your lips moist and protected! Call our office today to schedule an appointment and try our variety of lip balm flavors such as green tea, vanilla, and cherry! 

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