Ortho Screenings

A variety of tooth and jaw issues can be resolved through orthodontics. Dr. Maria Kim may point out that your teeth appear crowded or the relationship between the upper and lower teeth isn’t ideal. While treatment can start earlier in life it’s never too late for you to prepare for any needed corrective care. As time goes on Dr. Maria Kim will monitor the situation and help you decide if orthodontic treatment is right for you.

The Usual Track

Many adults benefit from orthodontics after their permanent teeth have grown in and adjustments are needed. The length of treatment time can vary, but this will be discussed in detail with Dr. Maria Kim.

Orthodontic treatment can solve almost every bite issue, but success relies on good patient compliance. Following recommended guidelines, keeping follow-up appointments, and practicing outstanding home care can all lead to a beautiful smile. This commitment involves frequent preventive visits with our hygienist as well. This helps avoid any issues as well as increasing overall oral health. Maria Kim, DMD specializes in helping our orthodontic patients enjoy a successful outcome: a gorgeous, healthy smile.