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Dr. Maria Kim, DMD
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How does pregnancy affect my oral health?

Pregnancy Effect on Oral Health | Arcadia CA Dentist

Because of the hormonal changes happening in your body, you may notice that it is harder for you to keep your gums and teeth healthy. It is common for women to experience "pregnancy gingivitis" or gum disease due to pregnancy. At Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we work with expecting mothers just like you to keep your gums healthy and eliminate the infection caused by gum disease.


Gum Disease & Pregnancy

The inflammation that comes from having periodontal disease is especially dangerous during pregnancy. Having periodontal disease can cause a number of systemic conditions including low birth-weight in newborns.

We understand how important it is to have a healthy baby. We work with expecting moms to customize treatment that will keep you and your baby’s health on track.

Our Tips for at Home Care

Improved home care – We will discuss ways to improve your home care regimen to eliminate infection and bacteria from your gums.

Regular dental appointments – We can closely monitor your health to make sure that your pregnancy gingivitis stays under control.

More frequent dental cleanings – Some expecting moms find it is easier to keep periodontal disease from reoccurring when they have more frequent dental cleanings.

Special products – We can recommend products and rinses that may help.

A healthy diet – Just as with your overall wellness, a healthy diet is essential to good oral health and provides the nutrients you and your baby need, especially during this time.

If you have more questions regarding your dental health during pregnancy, please contact our dentist office in Arcadia, CA.

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