Your Child's First Dental Visit in Arcadia

Children's Dental Visit Arcadia CAStarting preventive care for your child at a young age can make the difference in their oral health for a lifetime. By incorporating regular dental visits into their healthcare routine from as young as one year, you can help them develop the habits that can protect their smiles from the most common conditions most people experience.

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child have his or her first dental appointment by the age of one, but good oral health can begin long before then. By eating a healthy diet during pregnancy and gently cleaning your newborn’s gums with a soft cloth, you can start preventing oral conditions right away.

Making Your Child's First Dental Visit a Milestone Celebration

We recommend your child's first visit by the age of three. A trip to the dentist at this young age allows us to monitor their growth and discuss important preventive home care routines with you. As the parent, you have the most influence over your child’s oral health.

Our dentist, Dr. Maria Kim, focuses on prevention at all ages. She will approach your child’s dental care in the same way. By discussing nutrition tips, home care best practices, and habits such as pacifiers and thumb sucking with parents, we can start your little one on a healthy track for a happy, healthy smile.

We use a unique method to engage your child and help them become familiar with the dental office. We recommend a book, Just Going to the Dentist by Mercer Mayor. First, we recommend that you read this book at home to your child. Next, we read it in the office. Finally, we do everything for preventive appointments discussed in the story with your child. We use techniques such as copying and mirroring to teach your child. By using this method, your child easily becomes accustomed to visits to the dentist!

Many parents like to take photos and make the first visit to the dentist a celebration that your child will enjoy. This help to create a positive experience for your little one and can include the whole family. We will join in the celebration and make your little one feel special! Watch the video below to learn more about preparing your child for their first visit:

Ongoing Pediatric Dentistry

Child Dentist Arcadia CA

As your child grows and develops, we will incorporate additional preventive dental treatments such as oral evaluations, dental cleanings, x-rays, and fluoride treatments. We also offer protective dental sealants that create an effective barrier between your child's teeth and food particles that can lead to decay.

Once your little one is old enough, we will help them learn how to care for their own teeth in such a way that may help minimize the most common preventable childhood disease – decay. Protecting baby teeth is just as important as protecting permanent teeth because they help to guide the growth of your child’s permanent teeth.

A Positive, Interactive Environment

By creating a positive experience for your child and involving them in their own oral health, we hope to create a lifelong healthy smile. It is our commitment to create a supportive partnership with both children and their parents in order to protect and maintain their oral health.

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We look forward to meeting you and your family. Providing the best dentistry for patients of all ages is our commitment to our community. Call our Arcadia dental office today to schedule. Our holistic approach to dental care will support your entire family’s overall health and wellness.