Soft Tissue Regeneration in Arcadia, CA

Dr. Maria Kim implements the latest evidence-based dental treatments in our Arcadia, CA dental office for the comfort of our patients. Since gum recession is a common oral health condition for many of our patients, seeking an effective, less-invasive treatment option became a priority.

At Maria Kim, DMD, we proudly offer AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix to improve patient comfort and positive long-term results of gum grafting.

Woman holding jaw from tooth ache | Dentist Arcadia CAWhat Causes Gum Recession?

Gum recession has a number of causes including genetics, aggressive brushing and flossing, poor tooth and bite alignment (malocclusion), bruxism (clenching and grinding your teeth), poor oral health, and trauma to your gum tissue.

The consequences of gum recession can place your oral health at risk and create discomfort in day-to-day life. Recession exposes the root of your tooth, making it susceptible to decay and infection. Receding gums can cause sensitivity when you brush, floss, or consume cold foods and beverages.

Plaque adheres easily to your softer root surface, potentially creating tartar, gum infections (periodontal disease), bone loss, and decay.

Gum recession significantly impacts the appearance of your smile, showing elongated teeth and exposed root structure.

Previous Gum Recession Treatment Options

Until recently, gum recession typically called for surgical intervention that included self-donated gum tissue, generally taken from the palate (roof) of your mouth. This technique can cause unnecessary pain and longer healing times that may not be necessary.

AlloDerm Regenerative Tissue Matrix Treatment and Benefits

Using AlloDerm RTM, we can restore your gum tissue without removing healthy tissue from your palate. This method of tissue regeneration can provide a long-lasting, esthetic outcome that lasts for years – even decades.

Rather than self-donated tissue, AlloDerm RTM uses extensively tested and screened donor tissue that has had the cells removed, leaving a regenerative tissue medium designed to encourage healthy gum tissue growth. This provides patients with a more comfortable option to traditional gingival grafting and eliminates surgical complications due to palatal tissue removal.

Caring for Your Surgical Site

As with all dentistry, following Dr. Kim’s post-treatment instructions is essential to achieve the best outcome. Dr. Kim may cover the site with a dressing material during healing to protect the area. Additional healing tips include:

  • Avoid brushing near the surgical site
  • Avoid chewing in areas that are still healing
  • Take all medications as prescribed including rinses
  • Do not smoke
  • Do not disturb the treatment area with toothpicks or other objects

Dr. Maria Kim will cover your personal post-treatment instructions so you have a systematic process to attain the most successful and long-lasting outcome.

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