Preventative Dentistry

Have you put off your dental care? Patients sometimes put off treatment because they don’t have the time or money for it, or they have dental anxiety that creates stress. If this sounds like you, Maria Kim, DMD, is here to help you get back on track without guilt or judgment. She will work at your pace and help you develop a treatment plan that fits with your budget and timeframe.

Guilt-Free Dentistry

Woman Flossing Teeth | Dentist Arcadia CAIf you have put off your dentistry, getting back on track with your oral health might feel intimidating. Perhaps you feel ashamed because your teeth are in bad shape, and you are afraid your dentist will lecture you or make you feel guilty. Our compassionate team would never judge you. Our focus will be solution-oriented and help you meet your goals for your smile.

It might also feel overwhelming to learn what’s going on with your oral health. If your previous dentist recommended treatment to address a broken tooth, cavities, or periodontal disease, and you could not complete treatment immediately, or suspect it has gotten worse, a trip to the dentist may cause a sense of dread.

Dental Anxiety

Another common reason patients avoid their dental appointments involves dental anxiety or a fear of the dentist. You might feel like you are the only one who gets sweaty palms and a racing heart just picking up the phone to make an appointment—but you’re not alone. 

We specialize in nervous patients and take a multifaceted approach to helping you relax.

  • Aromatherapy
  • Calming music
  • Snuggly pillows
  • Gentle explanations of procedures
  • Supportive and comforting care

If you have severe dental anxiety, we also offer sedation dentistry. Often, fearful dental patients start out asking for sedation, but once they grow accustomed to our team and dental office, they no longer need it.

Your Dentistry at Your Pace

Did you know that we do not have to address every dental problem all at once? We can start taking care of each condition in a logical order that will give you excellent results.

Close Up of woman's smile | Dentist Arcadia CAIt’s always a good idea to eliminate gum disease before placing fillings or crowns on the teeth. Inflammation and bleeding of the gums can make it difficult to properly restore teeth. 

If you have early gum disease, you may only need a thorough cleaning and improved home care to eliminate the infection. For advanced gum disease, a specialized series of teeth cleanings might be more appropriate. 

Once your gums are healthy, we can move on to addressing problems such as cavities, broken teeth, or worn down teeth. We can complete all of your treatment at once, or take it one tooth at a time. 

Preventive Dentistry to Protect Your Smile

The best way to avoid developing serious dental conditions is to maintain a preventive routine that includes dental exams, cleanings, and x-rays. We will personalize your routine dental treatments to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Caring Dentistry in Arcadia, CA

Scheduling an exam with Dr. Maria Kim will give you an accurate and complete picture of your oral health. Together, you can develop a plan to regain your oral health and your confidence.

We know that picking up the phone and making your appointment is a big step. The good news is that making that call will connect you with a dental team who truly cares. We look forward to celebrating each milestone with you and supporting you while you take charge or your health.