Laser Dentistry in Arcadia, CA

Dr. Maria Kim values staying on the leading edge of her profession by continually updating her skills, knowledge, and technology and proudly offers laser dentistry for the treatment of a wide variety of periodontal conditions.

Have you discovered that you require gum surgery and want a dentist who offers laser dentistry in Arcadia? Our patients rave about how much easier their gum surgery procedures are with modern laser dentistry.laser dentistry | arcadia ca dentist

Why Choose Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is an efficient and more comfortable alternative to traditional periodontal surgeries.

Rather than old-fashioned cutting and stitching surgery, laser dentistry uses concentrated light energy to remove or alter the gums and oral soft tissues. Because light energy is easy to manage and is so precise, treatment is often less complicated with lasers.

Light energy also seals the tissue at the same time, eliminating the need for stitches for many procedures. Patients enjoy faster healing times, minimal discomfort, and almost no bleeding when opting for laser dentistry over traditional gum surgery methods.

Laser Dentistry in Our Arcadia Dental Office

mouth after laser dentistry | arcadia caOur soft tissue laser is versatile and practical for many gum tissue surgeries.

Frenectomy – The flaps of tissue attaching the gums to the front of the teeth are called frenula. When they are too strong or prominent, they can cause gaps between the teeth, discomfort, and speech problems. Laser dentistry precisely reduces the size of the frenula.

Releasing tongue-tie – The small flap of tissue attaching the tongue to the floor of the mouth can cause speech problems when too developed. Laser surgery easily releases the tongue-tie in developing children to promote normal speech patterns.

In some cases, releasing tongue-tie can be life changing. For specific examples of how releasing tongue tie can impact a child's overall development, click here.

Periodontal surgery – Periodontal disease causes painful gums and can complicate heart conditions and diabetes. Infected gum tissue and bacteria sometimes require removal to promote healing. Laser surgery precisely removes damaged tissue and infection.

Gingival sculpting – Uneven or overgrown gums can cause the smile to appear uneven or gummy. Reshaping improves the appearance of gums.

Cold sore and canker sore treatment – Soft tissue lasers can disinfect and promote healing of both cold sores (herpes simplex) and canker sores, reducing painful symptoms and promoting fast healing. All patients will feel is a warm sensation.

Your Comfort Is Our Top Priority

At Maria Kim, DMD, we believe that all dental procedures can be a painless experience. When performing surgery on gum tissue, this becomes particularly important. We will use proper anesthetic (topical or local) to ensure your laser dental treatment causes minimal discomfort.

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If you feel laser dentistry might benefit you, contact our Arcadia, CA dental office and schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Maria Kim. She will help you find the solution that gives you a healthy and beautiful smile.