Invisalign in Arcadia, CA

At Maria Kim, DMD, we strive to deliver quality and convenience when it comes to improving the appearance of your smile. As an older teen or adult patient, you may wish to improve the alignment of your teeth without the inconvenience of traditional brackets and wires.

To make a beautiful smile easily attainable, we proudly offer Invisalign clear braces.

Invisalign Arcadia CAWhat is Invisalign?

Rather than traditional brackets, Invisalign allows patients to address alignment issues such as overlapping teeth, overbite, underbite, and overcrowding using convenient clear aligner trays.

Invisalign aligner trays apply constant low-force pressure to your teeth and gradually move them into more esthetic alignment. This can give you a straighter, more beautiful smile in addition to providing a more comfortable bite and easier hygiene and maintenance.

How Invisalign Orthodontics Works

We will start by taking impressions in our Arcadia, CA dental office. Dr. Maria Kim will plan your treatment to provide you with comfortable and attractive results. She will then send your treatment plan and impressions to our Invisalign dental lab where they will create your custom aligner trays.

Once we receive your trays, we recommend that you wear each set for approximately two weeks before changing to the next set of aligners. We will schedule regular appointments to monitor your progress and adjust your treatment, if necessary.

You can watch your smile change as your treatment progresses!

Benefits of Invisalign OrthodonticsInvisalign Treatment Arcadia CA

Treatment with Invisalign allows us to position teeth in an ideal space so that we can place minimally invasive restorations, requiring removal of less enamel.

Invisalign has a minimal effect on your day-to-day life. Because your aligners are thin and fit snugly, they are easy to grow accustomed to. Since you can remove them to brush and floss your teeth, maintaining excellent oral hygiene is much easier than with brackets and wires. You will not need any special flossers or tools to keep your teeth and gums healthy during treatment.

Because Invisalign is clear, smooth plastic, you can avoid the wear and tear to the insides of your cheeks that is common with orthodontic brackets and avoid the need for orthodontic wax altogether.

Invisalign Treatment Times and Follow-Up Care

Just like traditional orthodontics, the length of your treatment will depend on how far your teeth need to move. When Dr. Kim plans your treatment, she will estimate how long you will need to wear your aligners. Compliance is key! Wearing your aligners for at least 22 hours per day will ensure you stay on an efficient timeline to complete your orthodontic treatment.

Once your new smile is ready, you will need to wear a retainer in order to avoid your teeth drifting back to their previous position in orthodontic relapse. We will provide you with a retainer once we complete your Invisalign treatment so you can maintain your smile!

Contact Us to Find Out if You Are a Candidate for Invisalign Braces

Give us a call and schedule an orthodontic evaluation with Maria Kim, DMD. We look forward to helping you achieve a beautiful, comfortable smile with modern cosmetic dentistry.