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Dental Crowns Arcadia CAYour teeth have a tough job to do. The amount of force exerted by your jaw is enormous, and even though tooth enamel is the hardest substance in your body, it still has its limits. Most people will need a dental restoration during their lifetimes. Dr. Maria Kim believes that restorations can be both protective as well as beautiful.

At Maria Kim, DMD we create custom dental restorations to protect, replace, and improve your smile.

Custom, Tooth-Colored Dental Crowns

When your tooth sustains a fracture, it is more susceptible to continued damage. Often, we will recommend a dental crown to stabilize your tooth and prolong its integrity. Protecting your natural teeth is the best way to keep your smile healthy, and working with a dentist can ensure that you get the dental treatments that you need. 

A dental crown completely covers your tooth beginning at your gum line. A good fit is essential for proper function and comfort. We meticulously create a dental crown that looks great, feels great, and fits well with your bite.

Porcelain crowns – Porcelain crowns provide protection and match your smile. With the proper care, your dental crown can prolong the life of your tooth by years – even decades. Porcelain crowns are metal-free for those people wishing to preserve the appearance of their smiles.

Zirconium crowns – Zirconium crowns are made of an elemental metal and offer outstanding durability and longevity. For people who have a strong bite, a clenching and grinding habit, or need a protective dental crown on a posterior tooth, zirconium offers a reliable solution.

Crowns and Bridges | Arcadia CAFixed Dental Bridges

When you face tooth loss, you may have a number of questions about the consequences to your health and appearance. For patients who do not qualify for a dental implant or who simply want another option, a fixed dental bridge is a great option.

Dental bridges, often made from porcelain, use two anchor teeth to hold one or more artificial teeth in place. Your dental bridge will complete your smile and act as a placeholder, keeping your remaining teeth from shifting.

Maria Kim, DMD, creates dental bridges to match your existing teeth so that you can smile confidently.

Caring for Your Crowns and Bridges

The best investment you can make in your dental restorations is to keep your teeth and gums healthy. Regular brushing, flossing, and dental check-ups can add years to your restorations.

Dental bridges require special care. Tools such as floss threaders and small brushes can help to keep the area around your dental bridge clean and healthy. We will recommend products to make it easy to care for your dentistry.

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